Help Your Child Make a Difference in the World

Your Child Will Learn to be an Effective Problem Solver

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Are you worried about your child growing up in a world of constantly changing values?

Does your child communicate


Does your child know how to 

creatively collaborate?

Does your child know how to 

honor differences?

Can your child set goals

and accomplish them?

Does your child know how to

stand up for themselves?

Are you tired of your children

fighting with one another?

I'm Dr. Tamara Fackrell, JD PhD

If you're a parent who wants to help your child live their dreams and reach their full potential, I can help.
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As an award-winning attorney mediator, I have taught thousands of children effective communication skills. I have worked with high conflict cases for the past two decades. I have been able to bring peace into families life through education and mediation. In the past few years, I've been able to... 

  •  Help over 5,000 children

  • Be featured on ABC News and NBC News

  • Be featured on Time Square

  • Speak internationally on communication, parenting, mediation, problem solving.  

  • Be Featured on Kickstarter and Telemundo 


Protect your child by teaching them how to be an effective problem solver 

I attribute all of my success to a proven effective problem solving system that is simple but powerful process. I’ve developed and refined this curriculum over 20 years. Not only has this system helped me be an effective problem solver which I have taught to my own children, it’s also helped over 5,000 children be effective communicators.  It's called Character Education Heroes Book Club. 

Foundational Trilogy

Foundational Trilogy

This is a foundational trilogy, highlighting each of the six communication styles and their opposite styles which is most difficult to work with.

Self Empowerment Trilogy

Self Empowerment Trilogy

This trilogy is about how to stand up for yourself and others. Children will learn how to stop bullying, build their self-esteem and learn about self-control and anger management. This series will teach your children self-empowerment.

Helping Hands Trilogy

Helping Hands Trilogy

This trilogy focuses on helping others. Children will learn to manage friendships, serve others, be a good citizen, and learn to give empathy to others.

Creative Collaboration Trilogy

Creative Collaboration Trilogy

This trilogy focuses on collaboration and creativity. Your child will learn the three types of teamwork and how to effectively work on a team. The creative process is made in a simple PIXY analogy. Proactive problem solving is introduced along with the Character Education Warriors!

Stand Up For Me Trilogy

Stand Up For Me Trilogy

The Stand Up for Me Series is important for self-worth. It teach techniques for setting and reaching goals and becoming resilient. book teaches your kid how to be resilient. Children will learn how to effectively deal with peer pressure. Also, the children can learn the elements to an effective life happiness map.

Character Education Heroes Book Club is Your Answer!

Would you be willing to invest a few minutes with your kids in order to set your kids up for success?

That is what the Character Education Heroes Book Club does. It is powerful books and lessons that empower your kids to set themselves up for life.

Invest in a few minutes a day with your kids now to help them reach their full potential and spend the rest of their lives as a effective problem solvers.

Character Education Heroes Book Club Steps

1. Register for the book club

2. Receive your quarterly book care package in the mail with follow up monthly e-mails

3. Watch your children's relationships, self-esteem and social skills flourish 

Reading Time

A Few Minutes to Effective Problem Solvers

Success Stories.  


What your child will learn after engaging in the books and activities

Book One 

The critical ingredients to good listening.

Book Four 

Proven method to crush bullying.

Book Seven 

How taking responsibility

changes everything 


Book Ten 


14 lessons every child should learn to be an effective teamworker



Book Two 

Powerful truths to prevent 


Book Five

25 Techniques for

anger management

Book Eight 

Over forty service ideas to serve your friends and community

Book Eleven 

Over fifty creative ideas for kids 

Book Three 

Learning self-control and patience

is the key to happiness. 

Book Six 


Building and maintaining positive 


Book Nine


The five steps of empathy is powerful to increase connection with others.


Book Twelve

Twenty proactive ideas for proactive problem solving. Working out problems with courage and kindness.

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Book Club





Book Club Learning
16 books and accompanying E-Books

Video Access to Character Education Classes for Children and Parents 

Cool 8.5 X 11 Printables: To Hang Up in Your Child's Room.
Access to Character Education Heroes Private YouTube Channel

Three Activities Sent Monthly to Learn the Skills in the Books

Lifetime Access

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

There's Absolutely No Risk 

We Offer a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you become a member of the Character Education Book Club today, try the books and activities, and are not satisfied, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle.  

Just send contact support at, and we will promptly refund your money if it’s within 15 days of your purchase date.


Your Child Can Achieve Being a Proactive Problem Solver with Ease

Spend a few minutes with your children reading the books and you and your children will develop a language surrounding the six communication animals to be effective problem solvers.  With the constantly changing values of the world, parents need to be proactive in teaching children values and effective problem solving. Allow your child to be on the pathway to accomplish all their dreams and goals. I've done the work with my own children and it pays big dividends! Buy the course today!
Tamara Fackrell


 Is there a good or bad communication style?

 Every style has positives and negatives. The goal of the curriculum is for your child to honor their natural style of communication, but to also learn skills in the other five styles so they can be effective problem solvers in any setting.  

How do I find out the communication style of my child? 

 Download the test for the appropriate age of the child to unlock the door of the communication animals. 

Help Your Child Be an

Effective Communicator and Problem Solver 

Discover the method for successful problem-solving, and the trajectory of your child's entire life can change. Invest a few minutes a day in the Character Education Heroes Book Club!